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Presenters / Staff

Our high calibre staff has many years of experience between them in their various fields of expertise. Please see their individual websites for further information.

Director, Founder & Presenter

Sue is a natural psychic/medium, an accredited healer with the NFSH/Healing Trust and the College of Psychic Studies, a medical intuitive, psychotherapist and teacher. Her MA is in Psychotherapy and Healing. She specialises in spirit release and psychic attack and is accredited with the Spirit Release Foundation. Sue is the author of the popular book, Spirit Release: A Practical Handbook. She has featured in various newspapers, magazines and on radio and is a renowned teacher. Sue has a thriving international practice.


Bulbul was introduced to vedic astrology at an early age whilst growing up in India, and those early experiences sowed the seed for her later interest in learning and applying the subject herself. She has now been practising astrology for the last 12 years with the British Association of Vedic Astrology, where she has lectured at their annual conference and has also been featured in Daily Candy, an online guide to London. She has also attended psychic development classes at SIH for some years to hone her intuitive abilities and feels that integrating these modalities gives a more profound and complete picture when applying astrological techniques.

Kyra Bransom

Kyra is a natural Psychic/Medium and an Accredited Healer with the School of Intuition and Healing. She has trained to an advanced level in psychic development with Sue Allen. Kyra has a practice in South London where she specialises in Spirit Release and Psychic Attack and has a particular interest in Space Clearing and Energy Management.

Harry Hicks

Harry is an accredited Spiritual Healer and a Registered Cranio Sacral therapist with a practice in north London and Covent Garden. He has taught on the healing course at the College of Psychic Studies, where he also worked in the healing clinic. Harry has a special interest in meditation and healing (having been a monk in his early adulthood), and in the transformative effects of trance healing.

Director (South Africa) & Presenter
Cindy Holmes

Cindy is a psychic/medium and an accredited healer with the College of Psychic Studies in the UK. She is particularly interested in helping others in their psychic and mediumship development. Cindy does mediumship demonstrations in spiritual centres and churches in Cape Town as well as private sittings and healing at her practice in Platterkloof. She currently has awareness groups in the Northern and Southern Suburbs.


After a transformational near death experience in 2000, Jonathon underwent a spiritual awakening that led him to become a practitioner of meditation, mediumship and healing. Jonathon teaches mediumship proof of life, meditation and energy management. In addition, Jonathon uses the a real-time aura imaging system to help people see, understand and connect with the importance of their own energetic bodies and to support people to manage their sensitivity and regain balance and purpose in life.


Naila has been a natural intuitive and psychic since birth and is currently a practicing medium, healer, past life clearer and complementary therapist. Naila currently teaches spiritual and intuitive development and energy management. In addition, Naila uses a range of creative and intuitive approaches to support people to reclaim their own mental, emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing.

Presenter & Administrator
Cath Lomax

Cath is an accredited Spiritual Counsellor and Healer with the School of Intuition and Healing, as well as teaching Energy Management. She uses her knowledge and expertise in her role as administrator for the School and has worked with us for several years. Cath has done a wide range of work in the community as a support worker, focusing in particular on housing and homelessness, mental health and substance use.

Monica McSherry

Monica is an accredited healer with the School of Intuition and Healing. Monica holds an MSc in Nutritional therapy, a diploma in Homeopathy and is a practising reflexologist. Monica’s love of the holistic lifestyle is mirrored in her everyday work life advising customers in the Health store she co-owns with her brother. Monica also practices as a Psychic medium, medical intuitive and spirit release practitioner


Nikolas has been working as a qualified psychotherapist for the last 15 years. Through his work he has developed an extensive experience of working with various client groups in mental health and addictions offering both individual and group treatments. In addition, he has been offering clinical supervision to clinicians and students.

Ten years ago Nikolas became more conscious of the connection with Spirit through his psychic awareness. So in parallel to his psychotherapeutic work he qualified to Master's level in Usui and Angelic Reiki. Over a period of several years he was able to expand his psychic abilities through attending courses with the School of Intuition and Healing.

Nikolas has divided his working life between working as a part-time group psychodynamic psychotherapist in NHS and a psychic and energy healing practitioner in his private practice. As a result Nikolas has found shared practices between talking and energy therapy that continue influencing his work.

Steven Richards

Steve Richards studied Arts Therapies at the University of Derby and subsequently worked for many years in the field of adult mental health services in London. Steve is also an accredited Spiritual Healer who draws on his therapeutic background in his own private practice as well as being an active member of the Schools Healing Clinic and teaches on the Schools 2 year Accredited Healing Course. Steve has a down to earth, gentle and humorous approach, encouraging and empowering people to explore and find what works for them.

Elizabeth Rudwick

Elizabeth is an artist, healer, psychic who has worked with children and families in a variety of pastoral settings for many years. She combines her work as an artist and sensitive with Soul Portraits and facilitates Sound Healing focused group work. Elizabeth is an accredited Healer with the School of Intuition and Healing seeing clients for 1:1 Healing in Islington London. At the heart of Elizabeth’s connection with Spirit is her relationship with Wilderness and Sacred Sites of the Western Isles and lands of the Arctic.

Julia Shepherd

Julia is a healer, Reiki Master and teacher, working intuitively as a channel for Spirit and the Universal Energy. She is particularly interested in the progression of the soul towards enlightenment through the processes of initiation and reincarnation. Julia has a private practice in Ealing, West London and is a tutor and examiner of Healing at the College of Psychic Studies.

Donna Stewart

Donna Stewart has been a professional working Medium and Tutor for over ten years, both abroad and in the UK. She has reunited thousands of people with their loved ones on the spirit side of life through her theatre demonstrations, TV and radio, in addition to Spiritualist Churches and Centres and works regularly with some of the UK’s most respected Mediums. A regular Tutor and Medium at The College of Psychic Studies in London, Donna also teaches and lectures around the world. Donna is also the founder member of ‘The Spirit Experience’ an education project for the development of psychic and Spiritual abilities. She is the author of her first book ‘From Spirit with Love’, and following the success of this, her second book is in its early stages. Donna is also the author of ‘Guided Meditations Gold’, a meditation CD recorded with Paradise music, and her first DVD ‘Donna Stewart ...Honestly’ was recently released. Donna’s TV appearances include ‘6ixth Sense’ Psychic Detective’ and ‘Psychic Private Eyes’ for Living TV and she has recently filmed a documentary in Gibraltar which is awaiting broadcast.


Vicky is an accredited Feng Shui consultant with the Feng Shui Society and a professional dowser and tutor with the British Society of Dowsers. She is also qualified as an Akashic Records consultant and Shamanic practitioner. Vicky has appeared on Sky One, BBC2 and the Living Channel, More 4 and Radio 4 as a Dowser demonstrating locating water and space clearing and is an author who has written for “High Spirit” as well as Spirit and Destiny and Soul and Spirit magazine. Vicky is very intuitive and uses this ability in her teaching and consultations.

She has been teaching accredited Dowsing and Feng Shui courses for 19 years and is always developing new courses including in Gateway Dreaming and the Akashic Records. Vicky dowses for and detects energies balancing and harmonising living and working spaces and is known for her space clearing and energy work in bringing balance back into people’s lives.

Natasha Wojnow

Natasha is a psychic/medium and an accredited healer and tutor with the College of Psychic Studies. She trained in spirit release with Sue Allen and is a member of the Spirit Release Foundation. Natasha has a practice in North London offering healing, spirit release and psychic readings. Natasha is particularly interested in children & animal healing, space clearing and generally empowering people to reach their full/true potential.

Kanina Wolff

Kanina is an accredited Spiritual Counsellor, Spirit Release Practitioner, Psychic, Medium and Reiki Master Teacher with a busy private practice in South West London. She was trained by Sue Allen, Donna Stewart and Tony Stockwell to an advanced level and now teaches Spiritual Development and Mediumship at the School of Intuition and Healing. Kanina is passionate about encouraging students and clients to embrace, have confidence in and fulfil their spiritual potential and unique abilities.


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